Angel Hair Pasta, Haute Caviar

Angel Hair Pasta


For the crab mixture, combine all ingredients in mixing bowl and  lightly mix with a fork trying not to breakdown the lumps too  much. Taste and re-season as needed.

Season the tomatoes with a dash of olive oil, and salt and pepper to  taste.

To assemble. Using chopsticks, twirl the pasta into a log and place it off center on the plate. Top it with (optional) micro herbs. Then top it with a layer of the fluffy parmesan cheese. Place a quenelle of Haute Caviar right on the cheese. Form the crab mixture in a ring mold, and place them next to the pasta on the plate, top this with another quenelle of caviar. Place a few slices of the seasoned tomatoes on the plate, and spoon the sauce with olive oil around on the plate.

Chef tips: This recipe will yield more than the needed sauce but  it’ll be great for other use and can be frozen for later use. Utilize it as you would a pesto.


For the sauce:

10 -12 pieces (each) Garlic Scapes

1/3 Cup Toasted Almond 

1/3 Cup Shredded Parmesan 

1 Teaspoon of Yuzu juice

1 Cup of baby kale and spinach mix

Salt and pepper to taste 

1/3 Cup of olive oil


For the Crab:

1 Cup of Lump Crabmeat

1 teaspoon of Kewpie Mayonnaise

2 Teaspoons of Chopped Parsley 

A Dash of Yuzu Juice

Salt and pepper to taste

For the dish:

4 Cups of Angel Hair Pasta (Cooked and chilled)

6 Teaspoons of the Garlic Scape  sauce thinned down with  olive Oil

1 Cup of cherry tomatoes, cut in half

1 Cup parmesan cheese ( please shred with a microplane)

3 ounces of Haute Osetra Caviar

For the garlic scape, trim the stems of the garlic scapes and remove  the bulb and woody ends before chopping. In a food processor, add  the scapes, sdd the almonds, cheese, juice of the yuzu and salt and  pepper. Process by pulsing until the mixture begins to break down.  Scrape the bowl down. With the processor running, slowly add all the  olive oil. Continue to process until all the ingredients are  incorporated and broken down, about one minute.

Taste and season  accordingly before setting it aside. Enjoy with your favorite white or sparkling wine.

This recipe lovingly created by Executive Chef Roy Villacrusis for Haute Caviar Company, all rights reserved