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My favorite

I love caviar. I’m no connoisseur but I know what I like! Anyway - just love it. This was the 3rd time I ordered it! Just delicious. Doesn’t need a vessel or any other flavors. Can eat it right out of the jar.

Decadence at its FINEST

WOW! Recently had the pleasure of enjoying some Entrée caviar. The texture and flavor was exceptional in EVERY aspect. The caviar flavor stands alone, however, when accompanied with Champagne...the taste buds go into overdrive. The experience with Haute Caviar NEVER disappoints. Definitely my preferred supplier of Life's little enjoyments. Cannot say enough of the quality of roe or the first rate service provided by Haute Caviar!!

Excellent caviar & customer service!!

Onyx Bowl
Bob N.
Correcting a review.

Meant to give it a 5.

What a great gift

First the packaging was outstanding because I saw the box but I did not open it. I realized the later what is was and when I open the package it was really cold. Great job in shipping. Second the caviar was outstanding. The color was beautiful and the caviar was well presented. Great Job

Exceptionally Wonderful

The Osetra Caviar was well received by my guests...AS ALWAYS! The richness and freshness was tantalizing. Paired with some Champagne and crackers, so as, not to overwhelm the taste of the caviar. Once again, Haute Caviar provided impeccable delivery service...fresh and cold!

Excellent Caviar

The caviar arrived perfectly packaged and preserved. It was delicious as well!

Wonderful Caviar with perfect flavor!!!

Caviar arrived in great packaging with ice packs and insulation so all was well chilled upon receipt. Our Siberian caviar was mild with wonderful flavors - we will be ordering again soon...

Haute D'Or Osetra



Osetra Caviar
Abraham P.
Can't get enough!

Ordered some Osetra for the Holidays and very pleased with my order. Only problem was everyone wanted MORE! The caviar was exceptional and delightfully paired with some Veuve Champagne. Will definitely be ordering more...sooner than later.


The Chef's Kit lived up to my expectations. The selection of caviar was to say the least, delectable. I paired the caviar with a variety of crackers and some Veuve champagne. The combination of flavors was a true delight to my taste buds. I will definitely order MORE caviar before the holidays. Thanks for the experience.

Haute D'Or Osetra - 2 OZ (57G)
Jon K.

Excellent caviar, excellent service

Haute D'Or Osetra - 2 OZ (57G)
Doug C.
Fabulous Black Caviar

Probably the finest caviar we have ordered on-line. Texture, flavor, smoothness are all excellent. We will definitely re-order!

Haute Caviar Chefs Kit
Jeff H.

what a great way to celebrate Valentines!!

Haute D'Or Osetra - 2 OZ (57G)
Joe H.
Excellent caviar. Even better customer service.

Received our caviar last Friday. Ate it on Saturday. Amazingly rich and flavorful. Highly recommended!!

Because our order had been slightly delayed, the kind folks at Haute Caviar sent us a second order at no extra charge! Very kind of them. That combination of excellent product and customer service wins loyal customers.

Haute Caviar Tasting Flight Kit
Tasting Flight is full of flavor!

I ordered this tasting flight so that I could gain a better understanding of the products and which one I would prefer to use when I cater private events. I really liked the option to taste so that I could make a decision. Luckily all the choices in the flight were wonderful!
I will use each one for different pairings and love the fact that we are supporting an American, Woman-Founded Business! I am a small business owner and appreciate the chance to support others.

Haute D'Or Osetra - 1 OZ (28G)
Chef C.T.
Haute Caviar Gift

If you are looking for a BANGin gift, my choice is Haute Caviar all day and night with bubbles, holidays or anytime really!
We love this Haute D'Or Caviar & Dom Perignon pairing..

Haute D'Or Osetra - 4.4OZ (125G)
Bri B.
Plating Queen & Haute Caviar

As a Chef, the quality of the ingredients means everything to me, with Haute Caviar, I know that I am getting a product with stellar quality, that is packaged and delivered to my doorstep perfectly. The flavors and freshness are always superb and I can't recommend it enough.

Haute D'Or Osetra - 2 OZ (57G)
Roy R.V.
Superb Caviar

I love caviar and seafood sustainability. Haute Caviar’s position on this issue makes their products even more desirable! Not to mention how delicious they are! I’m happy!

Haute D'Or Osetra - 1 OZ (28G)
Haute Caviar

Nice resourcing of sustainable and quality caviar from Haute Caviar Company Tasted the Belgian caviar which was a delicate and lasting taste!

Haute D'Or Osetra - 4.4OZ (125G)
Chef T.L.
Haute Caviar

Haute Caviar is a superior product for Restaurants and your home as well. I love their caviar and would highly recommend it!

Chef Thomas Laczynski
Ouzo Bay Houston

Paddlefish Caviar - 8OZ (250G)
Kitchen M.
We love our pairing

Haute Caviar is amazing! Each one delicate and beautiful is it’s own right. Definitely recommend! Oh, and the customer service was AMAZING! Lisa is so knowledgeable, helpful and passionate about her craft.

Haute D'Or Osetra - 1 OZ (28G)
Chef N.V.A.
Norman Van Aken Cooking With Haute Caviar

The shipments I receive from Haute Caviar have been loved by the students in my cooking classes across the board! The caviar arrives in pristine condition as they are carefully packaged for the journey to where we live. It makes me happy to have them in our fridge for celebrations or even a simple snack.