Fashionably elegant: "In Washington, haute gastronomy is at least as important as the national economy"

-Ann L. Trebbe

Haute D'OR

Fortified with strong quality and humanistic values, Haute Caviar Company is home to a discerning group of caviar enthusiasts who aim to deliver you the most abundant resources and experiences that you deserve. As professionals driven by passion and transparency, we understand the complexity of this luxury perishable and valued food. We also understand raising sturgeon is a lengthy and expensive endeavor requiring intensive care every step of the way. Because of that, we made it our mission to instill positive disruptive change within the industry and do so while exceeding your caviar indulging expectations.

Did you know that there are 450 tons of caviar produced globally, consisting of 27 different types of sturgeon? While regulated, it is unfortunately not as stringent regarding regulations as the wine industry. When Sommeliers taste wine for their guests, the wow factor depends on the sommelier's knowledge. From their experience tasting a world of wines to their rich education on the intricacies of the trade, it becomes the catalyst for wines to be categories as either quality or lackluster. And as professionals with extensive backgrounds in the wine industry, we discovered that the good vs. not-so-good scale holds true for caviar as well.

Premium Haute Caviar Plating
Haute Caviar Plating

Today, the sturgeon is becoming a more highly regulated industry regarding where and how they are raised and harvested. However, there are still many loopholes and regulatory gaps, something that us here at Haute Caviar Company are committed to finally bridging. With the prevalent limitations in transparency in the industry, we stand with a small group that advocates that hit a barometer of more stringent needs that must be met to represent under our label. This process also remains strong even when our selections change with the season and the time of harvest.

Historically, the European market favored aged caviar. At Haute Caviar Company, we have honored that long line of prized aged delight topped with fresh salt. Even more, our caviar expert tasters choose small-batch selections with truly limited productions from master processors. Overall, our team has an extensive history with fine wines from all over the world, and we have since leveraged our network of ideal harvesting farms to develop our caviar brand that followed the most stringent standards.

In the end, caviar is authentic and special delectable, and we respect that quality takes time to harvest the proper way. And we made it our core value and mission to both harvest and quality assure our caviar for utmost palate opulence so you no longer have to.

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