Here we answer some of the most relevant questions about caviar.

What is caviar?

Caviar can only come from sturgeon, all caviar can be roe but roe from fish other than sturgeon is not caviar. There are 27 different types of sturgeon in the world, many of their origins like clones from grapes started from its more native source... more on that later... see our blog.

All eggs from any other fish would be called roe.

How long does my caviar or roe last?

An unopened tin of imported caviar stored under ice packs in the coldest part of your refrigerator lasts 4 weeks.

Paddlefish roe  as it is frozen at harvest and defrosted upon packing, lasts 1 week to 10 days properly stored in the refrigerator.

Trout Roe as it is pasteurized lasts 4 weeks properly refrigerated.

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Why is caviar expensive?

Water farmers are not able to source caviar from the harvested fish until at least 6 1/2 years and can go upwards of 18 years dependent on the type of sturgeon. It's a labor intensive process to care for the fish for that long and in some cases if the opportunity is missed, it could mean another 2 years before the sturgeon will be ripe again.

Also, caviar grading is a factor. The higher the mm or size of the egg, the more money it can fetch. Like wine, smaller productions call for a higher price due to its uniqueness. Careful who is saying that it is a small production. We source mainly  from producers with small to mid size farms or from farms with a very unique product and only from farms that are willing to harvest the fish close to when we are selling you our product.


How is my caviar packaged?

We use hermetical sealed bags and bubble wrap to protect the caviar containers from damage and packed in mylar insulated boxes with gel ice packs to keep the product in its proper temperature for up to 24-36 hours

When will I receive my order?

Orders received by 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Thursday, are processed and shipped the next day unless a later ship date is requested. 

Can I have items shipped internationally?

We do not ship overseas, sturgeon and paddlefish caviar are protected species and require CITES documentation to export but can refer wholesale accounts desiring bulk orders. Please inquire by e-mailing us at

** Currently, standard Overnight AK and HI shipping is $100. AK and HI Saturday delivery is and added $65.


Will my caviar stay fresh using ground service?

No, overnight priority is the fastest option and best choice as caviar is a perishable product.


You don't have to do anything. We will contact the shipping company to let you know when it will be delivered.


The origin of the word Malossol is Russian and literally translates to "little salt". When used to describe caviar, it refers to the idyllic salting process used to increase the shelf life of the highly perishable fish roe. It does not in anyway connotate quality of product which occurs with stringent grading, both from the side of the farm and again when it arrives to us. With our products, most caviar and roe regardless of quality, are cured to the model of the malossol process.


There are three common ways in which caviar is initially processed to increase Its shelf life. The highest quality method is the malossol process. Caviar that would typically be cured as malossol, but is second in quality due to overly ripe, soft or damaged eggs typically becomes pressed caviar, ideally, it also becomes caviar salt, caviar butter etc. A step down from that is the semi-preserved or 'salted" caviar which contains a much higher salt content to increase the product's shelf stability. Pasteurized caviar keeps for significantly longer than non-pasteurized caviar but the taste and texture can be negatively affected. Lastly, a trick in the trade permissible In the EU and not accepted in the US but is utilized is adding Borax to caviar. Unfortunately, we do see a lot of caviar with this artificial preservative in the US as well.

We are committed to borax free caviar that is only preserved in salt.