Haute Caviar Kits


    From mile high flight kits to Chefs favorites, send your favorite host and hostesses a gift or choose from our caviar concierge selections.

    Explore Our High-Quality Caviar Kits

    Step into the world of culinary indulgence with our premium caviar kits. These kits feature distinctive varieties of caviar with rich, decadent flavors that cater to different taste buds. Our in-house caviar specialists have carefully crafted these kits, which will make perfect gifts for caviar lovers. If you are a caviar lover yourself, then these kits will be the best way for you to explore our caviar varieties and indulge in an unforgettable luxury snack!

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    We offer three caviar kits:

    1. Haute Caviar Chefs Kit
      Our Haute Caviar Chefs Kit is an assortment of the finest caviar varieties ideal for creating gourmet dishes. These are hand-picked for chefs and those who enjoy haute cuisine. It includes one jar of Haute D'Or, one jar of Haute Entree, one jar of Osetra, and four Mother of Pearl spoons. Haute D'or Osetra Caviar has rich, velvety notes with the essence of walnut, which makes it a connoisseur's favorite.

    2. Caviar Degustation Tasting Set
      If you want to create a truly exceptional gifting experience, then Caviar Degustation Tasting Set is your go-to. It brings together one jar of Belgium Osetra (1 x 10 gram), one jar of Hybrid (1 x 10 gram), one jar of Siberian Baerri (1 x 10 gram), and two Mother of Pearl spoons. The Belgium Osetra and Siberian Baerri varieties have a fresh and velvety-smooth taste, making them crowd favorites.

    Haute Caviar Hostess Gift Set
    The Haute Caviar Hostess Gift Set is perfect for any occasion, be it a friend’s housewarming party, anniversary, or any other special event. The set contains one jar of Belgium Farmed Osetra Caviar, which features a creamy texture with comforting flavor, one Mother of Pearl plate, and four Mother of Pearl spoons to lend a luxurious touch to any caviar presentation.