How to incorporate caviar into your meal

How to incorporate caviar into your meal

Making simple occasions..special..

Whether in your backyard or packed in your backpack we have a few ideas.

Picnic for two, or three or a group...

For ease of service and a pack it in pack it out mentality, we often pick up some simple accoutrements to go with our caviar 

We have some staples of course when we travel to create a nice vibe.. a cozy blanket, a nice bottle of wine (we usually put a protective case around it), unsalted or low salt truffle chips or organic vegetable chips, our Haute Caviar Flight Kit or Chefs kit on ice in a cooler bag with creme fraiche. We also love to add pate and crudites of vegetables. Whatever your choice, it's a fun compliment to the natural settings and feels very decadent. 

Staying at home? we had fun shucking oysters or adding roe and caviar to a croque monsieur or traditional caviar service with creme fraiche, chopped eggs and any other innovative side you can think of including any and all potato dishes or deviled eggs. 

We add it to buffalo mozzarella, a sliced cucumber, anything Lobster, oysters, any preparation of potatoes, atop soup, recently we added it to a chilled potato leek soup.. 

When using it as a dollop or quenelle at home, 1 ounce can yield 10 small dollops or 2 quenelles. 

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