Everyone loves an enriching outdoor Haute Caviar soiree! From the delectable dishes, the wonderful company, to the sophisticated boho atmosphere, it all equates to a euphorically memorable time you can cherish long after it's over. But where there is a Haute Caviar event, there is a whole inventory of bespoke (aka custom/made-to-fit) designers and event fashion ideas that can truly transform your soiree look into a statement-making one.

Decoding the Dress Codes – What To Wear For Your Next Haute Caviar Soiree

In the ever-evolving world of event fashion, there is no denying that bespoke clothing and accessories are such a versatile realm that can truly accentuate your natural beauty. With bespoke being the umbrella term for ‘custom made’ or ‘made to order’ designs, this is the sure-fire way to obtain a Haute Caviar style that encapsulates fun-loving confidence, individuality, and sophistication all in one.

But here’s the zinger. 

Not only are there tons of bespoke designers to choose from, but constructing a flawless/mirroring attire for your Haute Caviar event can be quite the challenge. This is especially true if this is your first hosting experience. Because of that, below are some helpful event fashion guidelines and renowned bespoke designers that you can choose from - all in an effort to help you become 100% ready and fashionably prepared to inspire at your next Haute Caviar soiree.  


Haute Caviar Soiree Fashion Tips

 Our founder was raised in New York and loved discovering bespoke designs at Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, or during trips to Paris, Rome, Florence, Prague, and Bangkok. After all, finding a bespoke artist or rising designer is part of the joy. The very concept of tailoring for one person’s body jogs a memory for her, as her Sicilian great-grandmother expatriated to New York and was a sought-after seamstress - much like we see in the telenovela series, Velvet.


With this as her base, the Haute Caviar supply has been doled at amazing events across the United States, from glamping garden soirees, at wineries, to bespoke artist events. And when it comes to bespoke fashion that ties to it, anything and everything goes; Just shine bright, go with quality over quantity, and dress to your own unique self.

Here are some ideas:

  • Printed Sundresses or Suits

Here at Haute Caviar Company, we firmly believe that patterns and colors are non-binary. Intertwining that with our innate European tendencies, it’s really all about individualism. Because of that, a vibrant sundress or patterned suit can bring that uplifting life and self-expressional energy to the scene. The best part is that you can use certain designs that harmonically resonate with the spring, summer, or autumn-themed events, such as flower patterns in the spring and orange/red patterns in the fall. To make it even more matching, ask your bespoke designer to utilize the same/similar colors in your outfit as you are with your table setting.

  • Casual Attire Mixed With Trendy Accessories

Casual attire such as cardigans, slacks, or a summer midi/maxi summer dress is another excellent choice that can help you both fit in yet stand out during your Haute Caviar event. Going the more casual tone also leaves your accessory options much broader. This means you can feel free to keep your event fashion more on the down-low with smaller, petite accessories (flat shoes, layered thin necklaces, solid color bags, etc.) or bolster your look with bold, eye-popping colors to make those your primary focal points of your outfit. For some more insight, we have served caviar from Burning Man, Coachella, within the mountains, at the coastal beaches, to even caviar horseback rides. In short, truly anything goes.

  • Neutral, Elegant Colors

Nothing says boho vibes than sustainable, neutral, and elegant color schemes with a bit of a luxury twist. If a more wholesome, free-spirited Haute Caviar event is what you are shooting for, then your best bet is to dress that way as well. For this, try going with solid colors like browns, whites, or pastel shades that are either form-fitting or flowing. To add a little bit of playful spice, consider incorporating some light embellishments and/or a colorful satchel/shoulder bag. As a result, you pull off the perfect mix of playful yet polished boho vibes.

  • The Art of Layering

Just about every bespoke designer will agree that layering is one of the most powerful fashion secrets there is. It is a way to add creativity to your outfit, a little eccentricity, and gives you the opportunity to remove layers throughout the event to exhibit an entirely different look if you wanted to. Overall, when your color palette is cohesive, it will significantly help you achieve that stylish look and obtain that strong soiree presence.


Summary – Where Haute Caviar Meets Haute Couture


Hosting a Haute Caviar event involves more than just including high-end caviar on the menu; it involves knowing how to dress for the occasion to really immerse yourself in all the euphoric vibes your event has to offer. Though there are many diversified options and bespoke designers out there, the secret is nailing down what you want your Haute Caviar event to illuminate in the first place. For instance, if you want a more formal setting, consider a playful yet polished look. If a laid-back event is your vision, then something like a breezy off-the-shoulder sundress or a loose outfit with an unbuttoned vest would work exceptionally well. And let’s not forget those awesome themed events (i.e., beach theme, 60s theme, etc.) that can add a whole new layer of bespoke fashion fun to the mix.


In the end, there are many Haute Caviar-approved bespoke designers out there that can help you look and feel your best for your upcoming soiree. Coupling that with the different event fashion ideas listed above, you are well on your way to gain that perfect Hautecaviarlife attire you have always wanted to achieve. With that being said, take your time to pick the ideal bespoke designer for your event needs, leverage the above fashion tips listed above, and most importantly, have fun!


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