Haute ”O” Caviar Feast
Haute ”O” Caviar Feast
Haute ”O” Caviar Feast

Haute ”O” Caviar Feast

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Osetra/Ossetra/Oscietre as they are frequently named are incredibly delicate with beautiful flavors. 

A true Champagne and Burgundy lovers caviar and sommeliers favorite. We have combined 2 of our favorite Osetra's for this months comparison. 

This is for true connoisseurs of caviar. It has deep rich, velvety notes as well as an almost walnut note to it. Like other caviar types, it varies in color as each fish is different. It can be grey, black, brown or golden. 

All caviar which originates from sturgeon of different types, are farmed globally. 

Compare 2 of the finest osetra caviar

Serves 6 persons and more 

The Haute Caviar “O” Caviar Feast includes: 

One 125 Gram Tin of Osetra

One 125 Gram Tin of Haute D’or Osetra

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