Pizza, Haute Caviar & Rose

Crisp Pizza Base 

A crisp pizza base is the perfect vehicle for presenting premium smoked salmon and Haute Caviar to your guests. The classic marriage which never goes out of style; smoked salmon, creme fraiche, chives and caviar, a delicate balance which is decadently delicious. The caviar elevates the dish with its tantalizing texture and discernible flavour to set your taste buds alight. When serving caviar the ingredient should shine through so light flavours and quality ingredients are a must. WE recommend smoked salmon from Alaska or the Pacific Northwest.The salmon which is abundant in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest has one of the finest flavours as it is caught wild, producing a taste which is bold yet clean. This recipe presents luxury comfort food all brought together with Haute Caviar and will suit any range of caviar including Haute Osetra caviar, Siberian Baerii Caviar, Paddlefish roe or even Salmon Roe or "red caviar" which is really roe.

How many Rose's would pair well with this? Many!

We are loving these for all wine budgets

Sancerre Rose-beautiful peach notes do not overpower the seafood

Rose of Pinot Noir-from California or Pinot Nero from Alto Adige works!

Laurent Perrier Rose, Ruinart Rose, Egly-Ouriet, A.Margaine Brut, Contadi Castaldi or another from Franciacorta. On a budget Cava & Caviar is fun too!

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