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Etiquette And Beyond: A Guide to Enjoying Caviar

From entertaining at home to buying the perfect host or hostess gift, it provides pleasure for the senses and an excuse to add some flair to any occasion. The subject of caviar and caviar trading spanning many decades is always a mysteriously juicy story, one best shared over cocktails or Champagne & Caviar.

Caviar was the bitcoin of the eighties in the luxury business of high end food, add in truffles and things get really interesting. Even today, there is much to be told regarding nefarious tales of crimes and misdemeanors that could fill a Spy Novel like one from John le Carré, Robert Ludlum or Ian Fleming.

These pearly delicacies were highly sought after for their value after aristocrats started eating the delicacy, but also their ability to render an exquisite culinary experience. The process to achieve perfect eggs is highly labor-intensive with thousands of specific target points which must be managed perfectly at so many levels that even the oldest farms can at times fail to produce the highest quality if they miss just 1 important aspect in the process.

So to relish every ounce of the delicacy, here’s a few tips for the table.

Serving the Exquisite Delicacy

Just as eating caviar is synonymous with opulence and elegance, caviar etiquette is synonymous with the artistry of class and style and haute cuisine. A true testament to the ability of a Chef at Paul Bocuse, Michelin restaurants, Food Network and top Chef TV competitions is that the creation is innovative, how many ways can caviar be served? To have it served at the proper temperature (texture, taste and temperature). We believe that caviar should be a treat but also since ours is packed with nutrients and is all natural, we feel that it is approachable everyday on the most casual of foods, french fries or tater tots anyone?

Serving caviar has only 1 prerequisite, ordering from the finest caviar source so you trust it has been handled properly and merits its cost, and that there are no artificial preservatives or over aged caviar on your plate. It is a fun experience, a lovely pop in your mouth with the freshest taste just like the best sushi restaurant you enjoy. Popping a tin and eating it with thinly toasted potato chips (we prefer unsalted) or in a more elaborate setting entails certain gastronomic ideas and different details about its presentation. All doable and not difficult!

Whether you are serving Siberian Baerri Caviar, Osetra/Oscietre/Ossetra Caviar or Beluga (abroad) or even the lesser expensive varieties like Wild Paddlefish Roe,  the first thing to keep in mind while serving caviar is to serve it on a mother or pearl or most non metal spoons as experts fear the metal can impart a taste in your mouth and not allow for the full sensations..

Although caviar is best served by itself, common accompaniments include crème Fraiche, hard-cooked eggs (yolks and whites chopped separately), mini potatoes, minced onions, blinis (French mini crepes), toast points lightly coated with unsalted butter. But if you want to appreciate the true flavors of caviar, try a little spoonful or between your thumb and forefinger, with just caviar first, a typical caviar bump is placed on the side of ones hand and rolled on the roof of one’s mouth like a fine wine, all of your senses in your mouth activate the varying taste skills.

Caviar Tasting Etiquette

While some people may shrug off the importance of caviar etiquette, it determines the quality of your entire experience. When tasting caviar by itself, try swirling the eggs on your tongue and roof of your mouth. The adult human tongue has 2,000-8,000 taste buds and 50-150 taste receptor cells feeding information to the brain, note teeth do not have taste receptors. You can really feel the bead of the caviar and the butteriness of the fat this way. When tasting caviar, you can also place a small portion on the back of the hand at the confluence of the thumb and forefinger.

No matter how tempted you are by the delicacy in the company of friends, do not eat all of the caviar that is served as an hors d'oeuvre. It might be considered gauche if you hog onto more than two ounces of caviar at once.

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